“Now, go sit at the table, little pretty,” the witch commanded Gretel. “Help me slice up those chops.  We are going to fatten him up!” she exclaimed excitedly, pointing over to Hansel.

Now Gretel understood the witch’s plan: she had used her candy house to lure them inside so that she could eat them up for dinner!

Gretel thought all hope was lost as she sat at the large metal table slicing meat.  She sobbed and sliced; she sliced and sobbed. Gretel filled three large buckets full with the fatty food for the old woman Hansel and Gretel: gretel to cook in her large boiling pot.  Poor Hansel sat anxiously thinking of a way to escape.  He watched as Gretel threw the scraps and bones into a separate pile beside the buckets of sliced meat.

Suddenly, Hansel was struck with a brilliant idea: he started to cough violently – in an attempt to attract Gretel’s attention.

“Oh, quit your hacking!  You best not be sick if I am going to snack on you!” the witch shrieked.  All the commotion caused Gretel to look up in Hansel’s direction.  He motioned her to distract the witch.  Seeing her poor brother’s desperation, Gretel scoured her brain for a way to distract the evil old woman.


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