The lanky twins walked into the room.  Moving in unison, they approached where the emperor was sitting; they bowed their heads and smiled slyly at each other.

“Good day, Emperor.  We have heard the concerns regarding your… troubles,” they both chimed, scanning the emperor’s apparel.  Again, each twin smiled slyly at the other.

“And you think yourselves fit for such a task?” boasted the king standing tall with pride.  He pushed his chest out and trotted around the games room.

The Emperor's New Clothes: Spider

“Oh, why… Yes, emperor… Your highness,” they purred as they bowed once more.

“Our fabrics come to us from the most magical of places; our threads are woven by the most magnificent of spiders; and our jewels are dug from the deepest earth,” the first Lesaew brother spoke, slithering around the emperor like a snake.

“The whole empire already revels in your impressive stature and prowess –” the second brother began, sliding behind the emperor while smiling at his brother.

“– but just imagine the celebrations that will take place after the entire kingdom sees you in the most impressive outfit design they have ever set eyes on!” finished the first.  Both brothers were now gripping the emperor close.


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