The two men burst through the emperor’s chamber door; both were dressed extravagantly in the finest silks and rarest gems.

“What is it, Your Majesty?” Geoffrey asked as he bowed his head to the emperor — who was still dressed in his white night gown.

“We are at your service,” agreed Smith, bowing as well.

The Emperor's New Clothes: Emperor

The emperor, then, recited a long speech concerning how he had absolutely nothing to wear.  Geoffrey and Smith exchanged odd looks as the emperor spoke while throwing around piles of clothes and fur.

“The procession is in just three days.  I must have the finest outfit to wear on this occasion.  Send an announcement throughout the empire!  Find me the finest tailor in all the land,” the emperor finally demanded, throwing on a pair of silk trousers, a gold-coated tunic, fuschia shoulder pads, and a large lavender wig topped with a pearl encrusted crown.  He sighed at his reflection in the mirror.

“See?  Nothing to wear,” he claimed as Geoffrey and Smith, again, exchanged questioning looks.

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