“Observe the most vibrant of colours!  Profound purples, bubbling blues, ravenous reds, and gleaming golds!” both brothers shouted in unison.

Emperor's New Clothes story - mirrorNow, the emperor certainly did not observe the most vibrant of colours.  He saw no purple; he saw no blue; and he saw no ravenous red or gleaming gold; all that the emperor saw was the reflection of his own nakedness.

“Of course, you surely see the finest outfit in the land?” urged the first Lesaew brother.

“Oh, brother – he must!  Only the most POWERFUL of men can see it!” urged the second further.

Not wanting his empire to think of him as a powerless man, the emperor replied, “How splendid!  How wonderfully splendid!”

He clapped his hands excitedly and shouted for two of his most trusted advisors:

    “Geoffrey!  Smith!  Take me to the celebrations at once!”


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