On the day of procession, the emperor awoke excited to try on the finest outfit ever.  The Lesaew brothers entered the emperor’s chambers and immediately set to dressing him in their masterpiece.

They turned the emperor away from his great mirror and slyly moved around him.  They whizzed and whirred, creating a flurry of motion around the greedy emperor.  Then, they turned him back towards the mirror.

The emperor stared at his reflection for a moment with extreme confusion.

“Behold!” shouted the first Lesaew brother. “Fix your eyes on the solid gold breastplate – encrusted with the finest of the dragon’s eye jewels!” he continued.

Emperor's New Clothes story: strong outfitThe emperor beheld no jewel encrusted, solid gold breast plate.

“Take in the breathtaking hand stitching along every emerald–lined seam!” boasted the second.

The emperor took in no such hand stitching, nor did he take in any such seams.

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