Cinderella knew she could not call out again – her stepmother would surely punish her if she did. So, she grabbed Zuzu and began to walk up the stairs. 

“Who is that?” called the familiar voice. Cinderella turned around and caught a glimpse of the handsome blue eyes looking up at her. The man from the ball was the Prince.

“Ella,” she replied softly.

“Ella,” the prince repeated. He walked carefully into the manor and greeted her with an outstretched hand.

He gently slipped the glass slipper on her foot: the perfect match.

Without a word, he led her away from her stunned wicked stepfamily and into the royal carriage. She motioned her tiny friends to follow. The prince looked at all the animals in the carriage and laughed.

“You are enchanting,” he said, looking into Ella’s eyes.

The two were married as soon as they could be and had a daughter, whom Ella named Lily. Once King and Queen, they disallowed anyone to capture exotic animals for captivity in menageries, set out laws that allowed the merchant class to prosper, and lived happily ever after.

Cinderella's crown

The End.


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