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Franklin book lesson plans

Franklin the Turtle Children's Books

Reading books with our children is one of the greatest gifts we're able to give them, especially when they are young. 

Reading time should be fun, not a chore (for you, the librarian or the kids!).  Here are some ideas to accompany reading time that I hope will help keep the experience an enjoyable one for everyone.

General Franklin Ideas:

Book:  Franklin Goes to School
Franklin is nervous about his first day of school until he finds out how much fun it is to learn at school.

Book:  Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
Franklin learns all about the tooth fairy from his friend Bear.  He can't wait until he gets some teeth so the tooth fairy will visit him when they fall out.   He is disappointed when his parents tell him that he will never have teeth because he is a turtle.  He learns to appreciate that he is different from Bear.