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But one day a great misfortune came upon them, since it is true that bad things sometimes happen to even the happiest people.

Little Boy Blue came home one evening whistling merrily as he walked, for he thought he should find his mother waiting for him with a good supper spread upon the table in the little cottage.  But when he came to the cottage gate his mother was not in sight, and in answer to his call a low moan of pain reached his ears.

Little Boy Blue sprang over the fence and found his dear mother lying upon the ground, her face white and drawn with suffering, and tears of anguish running down her cheeks.  For she had slipped and her leg was broken!

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Little Boy Blue ran to the cottage for water and bathed his mother's face, and raised her head that she might drink.  There were no neighbors, for the cottage stood all alone by the river, so the child supported his mother as best he could while she crawled painfully back to the cottage.  Fortunately, it was not far, and at last she was safely tucked in her bed.  Then Little Boy Blue began to think what he should do next.

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