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Five Busy Honey Bees Crossword Puzzle

Five Busy Honeybees Crossword Puzzleby Leanne Guenther

Print out the template and solve the clues to fill in the crossword.

Information on Ages/Skills for the different crossword difficulties:

  1. Picture Crossword with word list:
    • intended for preschool through grade 1 children who are learning to read and form their letters
    • children sound out words from the word list and then match them with the picture
    • children copy the words from the word list into the crossword puzzle
  2. Picture Crossword (no word list):
    • intended for grade 1 through grade 3 children who are learning to spell
    • children use the picture clues to figure out the words that go in the crossword
    • children print the words from the picture clues into the crossword puzzle


Picture Crossword                          color   or    B&W

Picture Crossword - with word list   color   or    B&W


answer key          B&W



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