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The Last Loon Activities

The Last Loon is a wilderness adventure by Rebecca Upjohn.  Intended for ages 8 to 12 this novel is suitable as a first chapter book.

Kaitlyn, age 14, read the story and she thoroughly enjoyed it despite the fact that it was a bit young for her.  She and I both love children's books that have easy words but still have a great plot -- The Last Loon fits the bill!  She would definitely recommend it to her younger cousins.

Just as an fyi, it took Kaitlyn 1 and 1/2 hours to read the story.  Each chapter was quite "self contained" and interesting so it would be a good story for children to read a chapter per day if they are new to chapter books.


  The Last Loon
Book Review

loon coloring page The Last Loon
Common Loon Coloring Page  [with Facts]   [with labels]

loon collage  The Last Loon
Loon Collage Craft

Word Search The Last Loon
Printable Word Search

last loon teacher's guide  The Last Loon
Teacher's Guide from Orca Publishers


Songs mentioned in the book:

land of the silver birch  Land of the Silver Birch


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