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bulletin boards

For space theme I let the children color their space suit and I inserted a picture of their face.  So it looks like they have on the space suit. Cut out a Large white circle for the moon and glued a shuttle on it.  Looks like it landed on the moon and used black paper for the background of the board.  I placed the Astronauts at different angles to give the effect of floating.  Then I tied yarn to the (staple that holds it to board) belt part of the suit to give the effect of a rope from the shuttle to the children.  Added some planets at random and the letters "SPACE FRIENDS" looks great, shows of their art work, teaches literacy because of the words spelled on the planets and the children's names at the bottom of each space suit, and it is a bulletin board that can stay up a while.  (See attachments below)

Marlin McGuire (Preschool) 



Astronaut 2

Space Shuttle


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