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DLTK's Educational Activities
November Bulletin Board Project

bulletin boards

"Who's Hiding in the Pumpkin Patch?"

The Layout:

bulletin boards


The Theme:

A fall harvest or thanksgiving theme with pumpkin Templates.  The door of the pumpkin can be opened.  Under the door is a picture and on the back of the door is information.  The picture/info can be in the following formats:

Additional educational activities for PreK and Kindergarten:  Learn the colors orange, brown and/or green.  Learn the letters F (Fall), H (Harvest) and/or P (Pumpkin).  Additional Resources not shown on the layout: 

Additional educational activities for Grades 1 and 2:  Learn about the fruits and vegetables food group as it ties to harvest time - healthy eating and nutrition.  For Additional Resources, visit DLTK's Nutrition Activities.


Directions and Links:

Printable version

Cover the bulletin board with brown on the bottom 2/3's and sky blue on the top 1/3.  The line doesn't have to be cut evenly (make it look like rolling hills).

bulletin boards

Draw dashed black or dark brown lines down the brown section of the board so it looks roughly like a farmer's field.

OPTIONAL:  Glue some pumpkin leaves around the field  (color  or B&W)

Trace a dinner plate sized circle onto yellow card stock or construction paper as a sun.  Tape it to the top right corner of the board.

Cut out one or two white clouds (roughly this shape bulletin boards)  Tape them to the top right corner of the board, overlapping the sun slightly

Print the November title template "Who's Hiding in the Pumpkin Patch?"   (color  or B&W)   Glue it onto the clouds, trimming as necessary.

Have the children:

Tape their completed pumpkins onto the bulletin board.

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